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10 Classic Australian Bass Lines

Written by Rhys Lett on July 24, 2018

From pumping rock lines to melodic runs, the bass guitar is the most underrated instrument in music. These lines feature in some classic Australian songs. Learn these 10 great Australian bass lines to improve your skills. These bass lines demonstrate how the instrument can be used in so many different ways. Eagle Rock – Daddy […]

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Bass Lines You Must Learn

Written by Rhys Lett on May 17, 2016

Giving the bass players some love! Here is a collection of songs that feature the most under appreciated instrument in a rock band. These bass lines are the parts you sing and hum when thinking of each of these great songs. Learn these to get the party started, test out your next bass purchase in […]

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How to Play Bass

Written by Rhys Lett on December 1, 2015

One of the easier string instruments to start learning is the electric bass guitar. The most common way to play this instrument is plucking one note at a time. No need to learn difficult chord shapes like guitar. You can get straight into playing with other musicians in short time. In this article we explain […]

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Chris Squire – Bass Maestro

Written by Rhys Lett on June 29, 2015

The world has lost one of the musically gifted composer and performers of rock music with the passing of Chris Squire. I was lucky enough to see Yes live earlier this year in what was one of Squire’s last live performances. They performed two albums Fragile and Close to the Edge in full. Both contain […]

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10 Best Paul McCartney Bass Lines

Written by Rhys Lett on March 6, 2015

Not only is Paul McCartney apart of the greatest songwriting partnership in modern pop he is also one of the most creative bass players ever. Using his melodic skill he creates parts that can be heard as a song within a song. Often the McCartney bass part would be the last thing recorded on Beatles […]

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10 Bass Players You Must Know

Written by Rhys Lett on February 7, 2015

The Bass Guitar is underappreciated instrument in a rock band. Yet its roll is the most pivitol. Combined with the drums it forms what is known as the rhythm section of a band. Its role is to blend the smash of the drums with the chord players in the band such as the guitars and keyboards. Equal part rhythm […]

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