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By Rhys Lett

10 Classic Australian Bass Lines

From pumping rock lines to melodic runs, the bass guitar is the most underrated instrument in music. These lines feature in some classic Australian songs. Learn these 10 great Australian bass lines to improve your skills. These bass lines demonstrate how the instrument can be used in so many different ways.

Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool – Classic Australian Bass Lines

Not only does this have an all time must learn guitar part. The bass line is just as definitive. There are reasons songs stand the test of time. Every part of this song is worth time studying. Wayne Duncan’s bass part is a crucial ingredient to the song. Practice major and minor arpeggios to understand how to play this part easier.


Help is on It’s Way – Little River Band – Classic Australian Bass Lines

The second the B octave baseline begins you know this tune is a classic. Octaves feature throughout this tune.

Wilderworld – Dragon – Classic Australian Bass Lines

Dragon have a few tunes that could have made this list like Rain or Body and the Beat. This one pumps an E minor scale riff in the verses before pummelling eight to the bar root notes for one of the biggest chorus’ heard in an Aussie pub during the heyday of the 80s.

The Nips Are Getting Bigger – Mental As Anything – Classic Australian Bass Lines

The hook of a song can often be the bass line. Lead by the melodic part through the verse, a more traditional rock line of playing root notes is heard in the chorus.

Take a Long Line – The Angels – Classic Australian Bass Lines

This line relies on the classic eight to a bar pump of rock music. Watch the video to find some ways to sneak variations into what seems like a simple line.

Reckless – Australian Crawl – Classic Australian Bass Lines

A classic bass line does not need flash or fancy techniques. It is a textbook example of following the kick drum pattern to create the rhythm.

Cheap Wine – Cold Chisel – Classic Australian Bass Lines

Phil Small provided many great bass lines in the Cold Chisel repertoire. This one shows a soul influence with lines that are at home in a Motown song.

Pineapple Head – Crowded House – Classic Australian Bass Lines

Channelling lines straight from the late Beatles era.

Stand In Line – Midnight Oil – Classic Australian Bass Lines

Be ready for a furious technical workout as seen in this Midnight Oil ripper.

Chemistry – Mondo Rock – Classic Australian Bass Lines

The fretless tone is a feature in this melodic bass line. It can be heard in the slide parts.

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