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By Rhys Lett

10 Common Song Mistakes

Mistakes, we all make them. To avoid the kind of reactions seen in the movie Whiplash (is highly recommended) from your teachers and fellow performers , please don’t make these errors. Ever. If your band mates do please feel within your rights to hurl any musical equipment in their direction.

Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple – 10 Common Song Mistakes

Friends don’t let friends play this on 6th string of the guitar. Not cool. Just no.

Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd – 10 Common Song Mistakes

Two bars of G when repeating the intro, one bar of G when going into the verse. Count them.

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes – 10 Common Song Mistakes

No build up at the end of the song thank you! Straight to the E chord to finish after two riffs.

American Idiot – Green Day – 10 Common Song Mistakes

The guitar does the first half of the riff, band kicks in for the second half. In the second half no extra F# power chord PLEEEASE!!!!! And watch that outro arrangement.

Cry in Shame – Johnny Diesel and the Injectors – 10 Common Song Mistakes

Bridge is only repeated 1 and half times before going into the saxophone solo. Not a full repeat! You hit that C#m its solo time. Solo is over a Verse and Chorus.

Take It Easy – The Eagles – 10 Common Song Mistakes

This one takes a theory concept known as functional harmony. The theory allows you to switch and substitute chords. The Eagles cleverly use this trick throughout this song. Listen to the last verse. The C chord is replaced by an A minor chord to great effect. Use it! See if you can spot the other places in the song that has this being used.

Don’t Look Back in Anger – Oasis – 10 Common Song Mistakes

Diminished chords. They exist people. Learn them. In the prechorus. Thank you.

Message in a Bottle – The Police – 10 Common Song Mistakes

Where is that longer bit at the end of the chorus? Second chorus!

Dreams – Fleetwood Mac – 10 Common Song Mistakes

That A minor! That bit just before the second verse. Make it happen.

My Happiness – Powderfinger – 10 Common Song Mistakes

Actually who cares it’s Powderfinger.