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By Rhys Lett

2022 ESSM Music Lessons Information

Hello ESSM family, welcome back for 2022. This page will be the reference for information regarding 2022 ESSM Music lessons.

School Terms and Fees – 2022 ESSM Music Lessons

Our four school terms in 2022 will follow these dates:

Term 1 – Monday 24th January to Saturday 9th April.

Term 2 – Monday 25th April to Saturday 2nd July.

Term 3 – Monday 11th July to Saturday 17th September.

Term 4 – Monday 3rd October to Saturday 10th December.

Fees in 2022 are $32 per lesson, our first price increase for 8 years. If you are unable to return to lessons in 2022 please notify us as soon as possible. This will enable to the school to keep our timetable as up to date as possible for new bookings.

Invoices will be sent by teachers in the last week of each term with payment due by second week of term. For further information on lesson terms and conditions please visit this page.

Lessons remaining from 2021 must be completed by February 1st.

COVID Safe Plan

As we have operated over the last two years, ESSM will follow government mandates and advice. Our plan and instructions can be found on this page. Please be mindful that information can change from day to day regarding best practice. We have been successful in dealing with on site cases at the end of 2021. We will continue to follow best practice going forwards.

Waiting areas of the schools will remain closed during term 1. Please wait in car until it is lesson time and where possible wait outside until teacher collects you. This will ensure you have limited your chance of being a close contact.

Music Exams and Performances – 2022 ESSM Music Lessons

It has been difficult to organise or plan for performances and band rehearsals during the pandemic. With this uncertainty looking to interrupt the school’s plans for performances or rock band workshops during the early stages of 2022, students may consider preparing for an exam. Exam boards conduct exams in person when permitted and video exams through this time. I will be discussing with teachers preparing more students for exams during 2022. It gives students something to show for the hard work of the previous years of lessons while we are unable to conduct performance nights.

Our teachers have prepared students for exams through AMEB, ANZCA, Rockschool and Trinity College in previous years. Look for further information in early 2022 regarding entry dates and costs.

ESSM Social Media

If you haven’t already please subscribe to our YouTube and Facebook pages.

Our YouTube channel hosts lessons created by teachers, student performances and archives of our previous years of YouTube competitions (of which we will reintroduce in 2022). It can be found here.

Our Facebook page is always immediate in updates regarding 2022 ESSM music lessons, school changes from in person to online learning, promoting school activities and general music fun. Find us here on Facebook.

Stay safe everyone and we look forward to seeing you for lessons in 2022.