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By Rhys Lett

Best Concert Experiences

There is nothing like live concert. It inspires people to pick up an instrument. After I had the ultimate live music experience last week at Prince, I asked the Eastern Suburbs School of Music teachers what has been the best concert they attend.

Mary Lo – Piano/Violin – Boronia

Being classically trained, my best concert experience has been seeing Melbourne Symphony Orchestra. The wonder of close of to 60 brilliant musicians playing together. They often combine with the Melbourne Chorale. The sound is breathtaking. In recent years, I have been introduced to various European symphonic metal bands, like Nightwish and Epica. The experience of standing amongst a whole audience with everyone dancing and singing together was fantastic.

Nick Hughes – Drums – Boronia

My best concert experience so far has been Blink 182 in 2013 at the Myer Music Bowl. This was my first ever concert. It was amazing because Blink 182 were my absolute favourite band growing up and to finally see them live was incredible. Although my favourite drummer at the time (Travis Barker) didn’t make it, it was still a surreal experience hearing the songs I grew up to being played live.

Dan Slater – Drums – Boronia

I’ve seen some amazing stadium rock, metal and pop shows over the years but I’ll never forget the night I saw jazz legend Kurt Elling in a small Prahran bar called The Contintental.  His charisma made some incredibly technical singing sound easy and accessible. The drummer was also a master of his instrument. He played supportively and soloed tastefully, with drums that were tuned quite high and melodic.  It was one of those ‘special’ gigs that you can only witness up close in a small venue.

Genevieve Matthews – Violin – Boronia

I once saw the Woohoo Revue at Sookie Lounge in Belgrave and was blown away by the energy of every musician in the group. The eclectic and blazing combination of violin, saxophone, trumpet, drums and guitar in a wild and revolutionary combination of gypsy, swing and jazz had me dancing for hours. I’ve never experienced anything like it and probably won’t again. It was a most enjoyable reminder that music is ever evolving, can defy all expectations and should, above all, be fun.

Jason Fados – Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Banjo – Boronia

My best concert experience was seeing Metallica for the first time at the Big Day Out in 2004. I will never forget the moment the band played ‘Fade to Black’ as the sun set, by the time the epic guitar solo started the sky was completely dark. It made me go home and practice my guitar until my fingers bled.

Alex Gooding – Drums – Boronia

The best show I’ve seen was Primus a few ago at the Palais. I remember looking forward to hearing particular songs. They didn’t play any of them. Their catalogue is so deep that they’re show was still amazing!

Daniel Lijnders – Bass/Guitar – Boronia

Best concert I’ve seen was Greenday at Festival Hall in 1998 (Nimrod tour). I was pretty young but remember the energy and enthusiasm emanating from the stage and it inspired me to “perform” as a musician rather than just “play” on stage. Other performances that spring to mind include Bela Fleck at The Corner (with Victor Wooten on bass) and Thundercat (bassist for Kendrick Lamar) at Max Watts. Awesome bass playing on both nights. It’s great to hear the bass being a focal point in certain styles of music and Wooten and Thundercat know how to bring it!

David Hartney – Guitar/Piano/Ukulele/Singing – Boronia

I have four I can’t separate. Pantera on their southern trend kill tour, dimebag shreds perfectly, tight as band. Tool on Aenima tour, sounds just like the record. Mesmerising stage performance. At-the-drive-in at the hi fi bar and ball room. Most intense performance of some of the most important post-punk music of the 21st century. Shellac at hi fi bar. Steve Albini is a master of post hardcore noise art. How to play one riff for 15mins and make it work. Simple and effective.

Troy Eckhardt – Drums – Carrum Downs

My best concert experience has been seeing the Aerosmith Pump tour back in 1990. Joey Kramer lays down a great groove. Great catalogue of old and new hits.

Rhys Lett – Guitar/Bass/Ukulele/Banjo – Boronia and Carrum Downs

Tom Jones at the Forum Theatre. It was a one off show while he was in Melbourne to entertain at the AFL Grand Final. I bought a ticket to see a legend more than being a fan. I was unaware that Tom had released two blues and roots styled albums. They made up the majority of the setlist. Previous hits were reinterpreted into the style of the show. His voice shook the entire venue.