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By Rhys Lett

10 Classic Australian Guitar Riffs

Rock music goes hand in hand with the beer and barbecue culture of Australia. Check out some of these Australian guitar classics to learn.

Friday on My Mind – Easybeats – Classic Australian Guitar Riffs

The band that started it all. The power chord intro kicks off one of the most important moments in Australian rock music. Guitarist George Young has a couple of famous brothers that feature in this list.

It’s Because I Love You – The Masters Apprentices – Classic Australian Guitar Riffs

Not all guitar riffs have to be written for loud electric guitars. This riff is played on 12 string acoustic guitar. It uses open strings as a drone to compliment the melody.

Eleanor Rigby – Zoot – Classic Australian Guitar Riffs

Zoot took a Beatles classic and provided a heavy metal twist. This band included Rick Springfield and Beeb Birtles.

Black and Blue – Chain – Classic Australian Guitar Riffs

Phil Manning is a highly respected Australian blues guitarist. This riff is created using the minor pentatonic scale. Follow this link to learn how to play this scale.

Its a long way to the Top – AC/DC – Classic Australian Guitar Riffs

The power chord intro is instantly recognisable.

Living in the Seventies – Skyhooks – Classic Australian Guitar Riffs

The Skyhooks catalogue of songs has many great single note guitar riffs. Check out this lesson on how to play the title track off their debut album.

I Am an Island – Richard Clapton

Featuring Cold Chisel guitarist Ian Moss and Sherbet guitarist Harvey James creating an Aussie rock classic.

Come Said the Boy – Mondo Rock

The clean electric guitar chords feature the chorus effect that was very popular in 80s guitar sounds.

Beds Are Burning – Midnight Oil – Classic Australian Guitar Riffs

A riff that is harder to play than sounds. The subtle variations make this riff that is based in E minor.

Devil Inside – INXS – Classic Australian Guitar Riffs

The INXS album KICK was one of the biggest sellers internationally in 1988. This guitar riff even has been approved by important rock critics Beavis and Butthead.

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