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Beginner Drum Songs

Written by Rhys Lett on May 31, 2018

Thanks to ESSM Boronia drum teacher Luke Shore for collaborating on this post. Here is something for all you aspiring drummers, yes you can do it! We are here to help you learn. In most contemporary music (pop, rock), drumming can be broken down into playing a drum beats and adding drum fills. Each plays a part in the […]

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Drum Kit Explained

Written by Rhys Lett on October 13, 2015

Ever wanted to play drums? We give you the heads up on the parts that make up the drum kit. Drums are a great physical work out. All four limbs are used to create the back bone of any rock band. ESSM owner Rhys Lett explains here what you need to know about the drum kit. […]

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10 Great Ringo Starr Moments

Written by Rhys Lett on April 26, 2015

This week Beatles drummer Ringo Starr was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for his solo career. He is one of the few two time inductees with his previous induction as a member of the Beatles. Ringo added a solid and creative beat to the brilliant Lennon/McCartney while in the Beatles. He […]

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10 Drum Grooves You Should Know

Written by Rhys Lett on February 13, 2015

The heartbeat of any song starts with the drums. Beyond playing the basic drum beat of keeping time for a band is how the drummer creates feel. Drum grooves can turn an average song into an exciting piece of music. They get you air drumming, smashing out the groove on a steering wheel or on […]

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Buying Drum Sticks

Written by Rhys Lett on July 20, 2014

Our drum teacher Luke Shore helps you decide on buying drum sticks that are suited to you. We have drum lessons available Monday to Saturday at the Eastern Suburbs School of Music, call 0421 705 150 today to take up our February promotion of your first 2 lessons for only $60. Buying Drum Sticks Buying drum sticks for first […]

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