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By Rhys Lett

Skyhooks – Living in the 70s Guitar Lessons

Over the past year I have created video guitar lessons for all songs on the classic Skyhooks album Living in the 70s. This album received a deluxe reissue last year to celebrate the 40th anniversary of this and the Ego is Not a Dirty Word albums. The band changed the Australian rock music scene through their visual presence and sophisticated songs.

While the guitar parts are not difficult, the songs are heavily layered. Skyhooks guitarists Red Symons and Bob “Bongo” Stark played complimentary guitar parts. I break down parts you will hear in the left and right speaker. With the assistance of live performance videos I have also been able to understand who plays which riff. In the lesson videos I present the riffs the band would play in a live performance of the songs.

These videos were made with the encouragement of the Skyhooks Fan Page group on Facebook. Thank you for the members for your feedback and kind words in making this collection of videos.

Living in the 70s – Skyhooks

Whatever Happened to the Revolution – Skyhooks

Balwyn Calling – Skyhooks

Horror Movie – Skyhooks

You Just Like Me Cos I’m Good in Bed – Skyhooks

Carlton – Skyhooks

Toorak Cowboy – Skyhooks

Smut – Skyhooks

Hey What’s the Matter – Skyhooks

Motorcycle Bitch – Skyhooks