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12 Bar Blues Explained

Written by Rhys Lett on September 14, 2016

The 12 bar blues is a song form. It is not only heard in blues style music. We hear this song form in rock, jazz and country. Understanding the structure of the 12 bar blues will lead you to learning thousands of songs. Here is what you need to learn. 12 Bar Blues Form The title […]

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Understanding Jazz – Song Form

Written by Rhys Lett on June 28, 2016

Understanding jazz can be like understanding a complicated maths equation. It is the most sophisticated style of popular music in our Western Music system. The chords go well beyond standard three note major and minor chords. Melodies and solos Song Repertoire – Understanding Jazz The catalogue of songs commonly played in jazz are known as standards. These […]

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Relative Major and Minor Scales

Written by Rhys Lett on May 30, 2016

Music theory is often a complicated puzzle for musicians and students to understand. Remember music theory only exists as it explains common things composers and song writers have done with the 12 notes in our music system. Learning music theory gives you the shortcuts to play and learn songs. It will help you make more informed […]

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Written by Rhys Lett on April 13, 2016

Intervals in music are a measuring tool. They describe the distance between two notes. Interval recognition is a key component of ear training. It will help your distinguish the distance and depth of two sounds. In this article we will describe how to identify the intervals within the octave of notes in our music system. A […]

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Minor Scale Chords – Triads

Written by Rhys Lett on April 6, 2016

There are three minor scales used in our music system. As our music system evolved over time so did the minor scale. They are called the Natural minor, Harmonic minor and Melodic minor. Each will create their own minor scale chords sequences. Knowing which chords come from each scale helps you identify what key (scale) […]

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How to Read Guitar Tab

Written by Rhys Lett on March 14, 2016

Guitar tab is a great way to learn songs for guitarist. It directly tells you a fret and string to play on. Writing music in a tablature style predates the picture based music notation style. It is just as valid as the music notation based system. I prefer it as notation for guitarists as our […]

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Scales – Music Theory Made Easy

Written by Rhys Lett on January 9, 2016

Scales in music are a selection of notes from the twelve sounds in our music system. If you are unfamiliar with the twelve notes in music read our earlier article on Understanding Music Notes. We will be discussing the following scales and modes pictured below. These are the most commonly used in contemporary music. It is a […]

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Teaching the Worst Band in The World

Written by Rhys Lett on January 2, 2016

When this clip went viral in 2010 Atlanta’s Hush gained the label “Worst Band in the World”. Five years later this clip is still hilarious. It also highlights that playing in a band is not easy. The song they are (trying!) to perform is Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd. This is a good choice for […]

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