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Guitar – Boronia and Carrum Downs

Ever cool, the guitar will never die! ESSM teaches all styles of guitar specialising in contemporary guitar styles such as rock, metal, jazz, blues, funk. If you can do it on 6 strings we can teach it!

We can help beginners, self taught players that are stuck in a rut, advanced musicians looking for an extra edge in their skills. To see the kind of skills you will learn in guitar lessons read our article about learning guitar. Get an idea of how we teach you to play guitar in this video. Guitar teacher Rhys Lett shows you a great exercise to learn.

Piano – Boronia and Carrum Downs

We can offer a piano lesson unlike other schools. Each piano room has two instruments in. Students can see and hear the skills the teacher is showing. This avoids the awkward time wasting of teacher and student getting on and off the instrument.  Our piano lesson are personalised to students wanting to learn contemporary style such as the songs of Adele, Elton John and Billy Joel or in classical style of Bach, Mozart and Chopin.

Drums – Boronia and Carrum Downs

Drums are an excellent instrument for all ages. Like our piano lessons, all drum rooms have two kits. Students are sitting and playing during the entire lessons rather than switching on and off with the teacher. We have students as young as 4 and young as 82 years old. All have successfully learned drums at our school. Begin your understanding about learning drums but visiting our Drum Kit Explained article.

Violin/Strings – Boronia and Carrum Downs

Our violin teachers Genevieve, Erica, Elzna and Matthew have been working magic with students this year. We have students participating in exams, learning folk, contemporary and classic songs. We have instruments available at Eastern Suburbs School of Music to try lessons on violin.

Singing – Boronia and Carrum Downs

In 2014 Eastern Suburbs School of Music officially added singing lessons to our large repertoire of available instruments. We are lucky to have both male and female vocal teachers available at both Boronia and Carrum Downs.

Bass Guitar – Boronia and Carrum Downs

Always wanted to try an instrument but not sure where to get started, why not try bass guitar. Bass is the most important instrument in a band, linking the rhythm section to the melodic instruments. We provide lessons with a PROPER bass playing teacher as opposed to a guitarist who dabbles in playing bass. Our teachers currently perform with some of the most well known musicians in Australia. Read our article about bass skills you will learn in bass lessons at the Eastern Suburbs School of Music.

Ukulele – Boronia and Carrum Downs

Did you know ukulele is recognised in the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s easiest instrument to play? So if you have always wanted to give playing music a go, grab a uke! Our ukulele maestros will get you going on this addictive instrument (every teacher in the school now plays uke). Easy to play but equally compelling.

Banjo – Boronia and Carrum Downs

The revival of traditional folk instruments has seen a rise in the popularity of the banjo. ESSM is one of the very few music schools that offers lessons in banjo. We teach all contemporary techniques that are used in bluegrass to country to pop.

More Instruments than anyone else

At the Eastern Suburbs School of Music we are always adding to our repertoire. Currently we also teach specialized instruments such as Cello, Marimba and Mandolin. We offer more instruments than any other school in the area. We have lesson times available six days a week on all instruments.

We offer students the chance to come in and try 2 lessons on any instrument for $60.

Instruments can be purchased from KC’s Rock Shop for students attending the Boronia location, or Guitars and Things in Frankston for those attending the Carrum Downs premises. We thank these businesses for being loyal supporters of the Eastern Suburbs School of Music.