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By Rhys Lett

Beginner Drum Songs

Thanks to ESSM Boronia drum teacher Luke Shore for collaborating on this post. Here is something for all you aspiring drummers, yes you can do it! We are here to help you learn.

In most contemporary music (pop, rock), drumming can be broken down into playing a drum beats and adding drum fills. Each plays a part in the drummers contribution to the band. The role of a drummer is not only to keep time but to guide the band through the structure of a song. In this article I have included the most basic, fundamental drum beats that will begin to build a foundation for playing music on drum set.

I recommend learning to read drum notation to help learn these beginner drum songs. Learning how to read basic drum notation is the easiest way to remember what you are learning. By reading the page and translating that into sound you will always have a guide to the song. This skill does take time. Remember you had to learn to read text at one stage. This took place over a couple of years. It will take time. Gaining even the most basic understanding of what the notation means will help you learn and remember more

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beginner drum songs

Here are some songs with some easy playing skills that you could play within one month of learning drums:

Yellow – Coldplay- Beginner Drum Songs

This drum beat stays contant throughout which makes it a great beginner drum song. The focus is on dynamics to create differences. The Intro and Chorus sections are much louder which is not only created by hitting harder. Another thing used to make these sections noisier is opening the high hats. This variety creates mood and interest.

As a beginner try not to fall into the trap of playing slower when playing quite. Students also tend to speed up playing louder, AVOID these bad habits.

Billie Jean – Michael Jackson – Beginner Drum Songs

Songs opening with drums are always cool. Like when a guitarist learns a great riff, plays it for their friends and gets looked at like a rock god. This song has that level of cool. Get behind a drum kit and slam out the opening bars of this Michael Jackson tune and you are on your way to fame and fortune. Or at least being a drum legend in your own street.

This is one of the great beginner drum songs due to not only the recognition of the signature beat but for the simple pattern you need to play. Many great songs are not technically complicated to play.

Hells Bells – AC/DC – Beginner Drum Songs

One of the reasons many people say all AC/DC songs sound alike is due to the consistent drum patterns they use. It is true that they use very simple rock beat grooves to drive their songs. But WHAT A GROOVE it is! All drummers should at some stage go through an AC/DC listening binge. Their drummer Phil Rudd plays with a controlled style that serves the song. His hi hat work is the heart of the band sound. Skill wise this is not difficult to play. Mastering the control of the sound is. This is why many AC/DC tunes are great beginner drum songs.

Seven Nation Army – White Stripes

This song provides a great introduction to the pieces of the drum kit. This song starts from a simple kick and floor tom pattern and leads to the full on blast of the chorus. It is one of the great beginner drum songs as it gives an understanding of tempo. The tempo of a song is how fast or slow the speed of the beats are.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams – Green Day – Beginner Drum  Songs

Like the Coldplay song mentioned earlier, this song creates a mood by using dynamics. The contrast between the verse and the chorus is created by changing the right hand hi hat pattern to the crash cymbal. This song is also a great demonstation of how a drummer leads a band through a song. Listen for the fills that signal to the band that the verse is about to change to a chorus. This is the purpose of a drum fill.

Uptown Funk – Mark Ronson – Beginner Drum Songs

In funk music the drums stay very steady without drum fills. Here is a recent funk hit that is an example of the steady beat kept by funk drummers. The driving force of the beat is the most important factor. This is a lesson for any style and song you are playing. The groove is king.

There are many more beginner drum songs that will help you become a knowledgeable player in a short time. The skills learned in these songs will appear in thousands of songs. Once you have learnt to play this beats confidently, put on some music you want to learn. Try and find the skills that are in these songs to the beats in songs you hear everyday.

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