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By Rhys Lett

Term 2 Update

Hello ESSM crew!! We hope you are enjoying your lessons with us during term 2. Please read this update with information regarding events taking place in the second half of the year at the Eastern Suburbs School of Music.

YouTube Competition – Term 2

Our YouTube competitions are returning!! With the school growing close to 500 students per week taking lessons with us it is amazing the talent we have to show the world at our school. Our YouTube video competition is a great way for students to prepare for performing. Students can film in lessons or at home a short performance or full song to submit for the competition. All entries must have as introduction:

“My name is ____ and I learned this at the Eastern Suburbs School of Music”.

Entries can be submitted by USB or a cloud link for download for Rhys to upload to our Youtube channel found at. Videos will also be featured on our social media pages.

Prizes will be awarded for:

Most watched – term 3 fees paid in full ($320 value) and a $50 voucher from local music stores KCs Rock Shop in Boronia and Pat’s Music and Guitars and Things in Carrum Downs.

Teacher awards – a panel of ESSM teachers will award two students $50 vouchers for local music stores KCs Rock Shop, Pat’s Music and Guitars and Things and $120 off term fees in term 3.

Entries can be submitted at anytime up until the last day of term 2 school holidays. At this time winners will be decided. View previous years entries on our channel that can be found here.

View previous winning entry from student Kira below:

End of Term and Catch Up Lessons – Term 2

With the large number of illnesses circulating during term 2 there are a number of students with lessons to be caught up over the next three weeks. Catch up lessons can be held in person or online. Arrangements will be made by your teacher to complete lessons before the start of term 3.

A reminder of our cancellation policy of 12 midday on the day of lessons during weekdays and 9am on Saturdays to qualify for catch up lessons. Cancellations after these times result in the forfeiting of lesson fees. All lesson terms and conditions are found here.

Week 10 of term takes place during the first week of school holidays with term 2 officially ending on Saturday 2nd of July. Invoices for term 3 will be issued during this week. If you are not returning for lessons in term 3 please let us know as soon as possible. Both the Carrum Downs and Boronia schools are very heavily booked up with a large number of enquiries on a waiting list.

Band Workshops – Term 3

Attempts to recommence our band program during term 2 were halted by the previous mentioned volume of illness that circulated in term 2. From week 3 of term 3 we will be commencing the band program. In this students are gathered into bands based on skill level and like ages. The sessions are held weekly as an hour coached band rehearsals. Students will learn to work together with other instruments and make use of their skills learned in individual lessons. Bands will then have performance opportunities in the second half of year and the ESSM end of year concert. For further information visit our band page.

Times will be decided on availability of groups of students with the plan to hold sessions on Friday evenings, Saturdays after 3pm and Sundays after 3pm. For further information on the sessions visit the band workshop page here. Costs of the program will be $150 per term. Involvement will be charged by the term and not by session.

Previous performances by the bands of ESSM can be found on our ESSMTube page. View ESSM band 5 Sundays performing at our end of year concert.

AMEB and ANZCA Exams – Term 3 and 4

Enrolment for exams taking place in term 3 and 4 will need to be submitted in the first two weeks of term. These can be arranged by the school or by parents through the online portals in the AMEB and ANZCA websites. Your teachers will discuss opportunities to take an exam before the end of the year with you over the last weeks of term 2. This is a great way to finish the year with something to show for the hard work you have done in lessons.

Parking at Boronia

With our school being extremely busy from 4 til 9pm on weekdays our car park can often be full. We do not have access to the four car parks in front of our neighbours business at Unit 2. Please do not use these spaces for parking. Their business requires 24 access to the spaces. They will often have large machine parts to move to and from their unit. All other spaces in the car park are available for use as well as street parking or the multilevel car park across the road.

For further information about our programs I can be contacted on 0421 705 150. Stay fit, well and warm over the last weeks of term 2 everyone!!