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By Rhys Lett

COVID Safety plan for ESSM

Safety of staff and students of the Eastern Suburbs School of Music will be prioritised on reopening from November 1st. This page will keep our ESSM community of staff and students informed of current requirements for lessons to be held in COVID safe environments. This will summarise the requirements for operating our music school studio under government directions found at https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/arts-and-live-performances-sector-guidance#2-check-vaccination-requirements. Further documents have been consulted in forming these guidelines.

Victoria has now taken a risk based approach to managing the COVID pandemic. Adherence to advice will minimise your risk and lessen your contact level. This will possibly result in lowering any isolation period required.

Mask Requirements – Safety of Students during COVID Pandemic

Vaccination Status – Safety of Students during COVID Pandemic

  • all teachers working on site for Eastern Suburbs School of Music have full vaccination status. I thank them for being pro-active. We are considered creative arts workers performing work in a music studio. further information can be found here https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/information-workers-required-to-be-vaccinated
  • teachers can view student/parent vaccination status in order to meet our obligations. We are not required to keep records of customer status.

ESSM COVID Safe Plan – Safety of Students during COVID Pandemic

Under the six principles of COVID Safety ESSM at all times will follow these instructions:

  • practice appropriate physical distancing. Our room and size of the buildings at our schools allow this easily.
  • wearing face masks. They are a requirement for students over the age of 12 and highly recommended for primary age students.
  • good hygiene through sanitising of rooms between each student. Hand sanitiser to be used on entry. Available in all rooms.
  • keeping accurate records for contact tracing. Our student timetables are updated regularly. Only staff and students on site.
  • avoiding closed space interactions.
  • workforce bubbles in place. Teachers maintain the same work hours each week.
  • no student or teacher is to attend lessons if waiting for test results.

In the Instance of Confirmed Case – Safety of Students during COVID Pandemic

If there is confirmation of a positive case on site ESSM will follow the procedures as described at https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/confirmed-case-workplace. It is our obligation to:

  • direct teacher or student to home and isolate.
  • as owner of the school to notify the Victorian Department of Health. They will notify as to quarantine requirements
  • complete a risk assessment and identify close contacts through our timetable.
  • notify close contacts such as teachers and students quarantine and to monitor for symptoms. Victorian Department of Health is also to contact you.
  • Fully vaccinated people must isolate for seven days. One shot or unvaccinated must isolate for 14 days. Day zero of isolation is from the date of exposure.
  • Deep clean of the school to be complete before reopening.
  • ESSM can reopen upon notification of staff and students isolating.
  • Staff or students that test positive my isolate for 14 days. Proof of negative test is not required to return. No one should return if still feeling unwell even after the 14 day isolation.

Relevant Links for Teachers and Students

Isolation payment for days missed – https://www.coronavirus.vic.gov.au/450-coronavirus-covid-19-test-isolation-payment

Pandemic Leave COVID payment – https://www.servicesaustralia.gov.au/individuals/services/centrelink/pandemic-leave-disaster-payment-victoria/who-can-get-it