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Major Scale Chords

Written by Rhys Lett on July 30, 2015

Knowing the major scale chords will help you learn songs faster, figure out lead parts and write music. Each scale in music produces a set of chords. As covered in our article on triad chords and sevenths chords, we leap a note in the scale to create a chord. This article will help you understand […]

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Seventh Chords

Written by Rhys Lett on July 17, 2015

Going beyond the basic sounds of major and minor chords introduces us to what is labelled in music as seventh chords. These chords contain four different notes. They add colour or extra emotional quality to the triad chords. For more information on what triad chords are see our post about them by clicking here. Detailed in this article […]

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Minor Scales – Music Theory Made Easy

Written by Rhys Lett on March 4, 2015

There are three minor scales to learn. They are created like this: Natural Minor – built from 6th note of major scale. Harmonic Minor – natural minor with #7 Melodic Minor – natural minor with #6 and #7 When listening to these scales try hear the difference. By altering one note the mood is changed. […]

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Modes Made Easy

Written by Rhys Lett on January 7, 2015

Modes confuse most musicians of all skill levels. Here we try and make the connection between scales you may already be familiar with to understand the modal system. This knowledge can be applied to all instruments. Where do Modes come from? Modes are simply taking a scale and starting it on a note other than […]

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Triad Chords – Music Theory Made Easy

Written by Rhys Lett on August 13, 2014

In music lessons you will hear words like scales, notes, chords, major, minor – the list of jargon we use in understanding music is quite large. Teachers forget to explain what these words mean. In this article we look at chords in their simplest form, the triad chord. WHAT IS A CHORD? A chord is created when […]

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Learning Rock Songs

Written by Rhys Lett on August 7, 2014

Do you have a song that you just wish you could play on a musical instrument? Guitar riff that just sounds sooooo cool. Piano ballad that is just too beautiful for words?? You might be shocked how little music content you need to learn to play a full song. Students are often surprised that by learning 3-4 music […]

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Productive Music Rehearsal Tips

Written by Rhys Lett on July 17, 2014

Rehearsal is a word that can create anguish into the heart of any musician and band. Often the experience is tedious in comparison to the gig. Try these ten tips to make your rehearsal effective and musically productive and more enjoyable! 10 Rehearsal Strategies for Musicians 1. Time Do you need to take five hour session […]

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Major Scale – Music Theory Made Easy

Written by Rhys Lett on July 16, 2014

In this post we will give you greater understanding on the creation of a scale, focusing on the king of our music system, the major scale. When learning scales I think it is important to do these three things to help understand what effect the combination of notes (the scale) has in music. They are: CREATE – […]

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