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By Rhys Lett

2020 ESSM Teacher Information

This page will update important dates in the 2020 ESSM calendar. Here you will find term dates, exam information, performance opportunities and information relevant to the running of the school.

Terms and Conditions – 2020 ESSM

Link through to the terms and conditions for lessons at the school. Please be aware of these at all times and remind students and parents throughout the year. Terms and conditions can be found here.

Term Dates and Rent Collection – 2020 ESSM

The ESSM school year runs on these dates in 2020. Reminder each term is 10 weeks in length. Be aware the state school year has 11 weeks in term 2, use the extra week as catch up lesson times. We do NOT charge 11 lessons because the state school term is longer. Each term is 10 weeks in length with lessons made up during the break periods.

Term 1
Teaching dates – Monday 20th January to Saturday 28th March.
Start of cycle rent – Friday 14th February.
End of Cycle rent – Friday 27th March.

Term 2
Teaching dates – Monday 13th April to Saturday 20th June.
Start of cycle rent – Friday 1st May.
End of Cycle rent – Friday 19th June.

Term 3
Teaching dates – Monday 13th July to Saturday 19th September.
Start of cycle rent – Friday 31st July.
End of Cycle rent – Friday 18th September.

Term 4
Teaching dates – Monday 5th October to Saturday 12th December.
Start of cycle rent – Friday 23rd October.
End of Cycle rent – Friday 11th December.

Exam Dates – 2020 ESSM

Here are the important dates for the exam boards during the year. Click through to links for each exam board.

AMEB and Rockschool Dateshttps://ameb.vic.edu.au/enrol/dates2020/

ANZCA Dateshttp://www.anzca.com.au/Handbooks%20and%20Forms/Handbook%202020%20Australia%20(with%20cover).pdf

Trinity Collegehttps://www.trinitycollege.com.au/exam-dates-fees/

Performance Dates – 2020 ESSM

Sunday 23 February – Chelsea Dog-A-Thon

VCE Music Information


Social Dates

This year we will hold more social events such as trivia nights, workshops and guest teachers. Any ideas are welcomed to add.