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By Rhys Lett

ANZCA Exam Results

Congratulations to our 12 students that took part in the ANZCA guitar and bass exams. All students achieved amazing results, with no students scoring under 90 out of 100. This means all students at least achieved an Honours grade. ESSM also had our largest number of students gaining a First Class Honours grading, meaning scores of 95 and above out of 100. Congratulations to students on their extraordinary results.

ANZCA exam requirements

Students perform a series of five tasks as listed below

Technical Work – performing scales, chords, arpeggios and rhythm patterns that are relevant to the songs to be learned

Repertoire – students learned and performed three songs demonstrating a variety of styles

Sight Reading – the most nerve racking part of the exam for most students. A section of music notation is placed before the students they have not seen before. With a small amount of reading time they are then to perform the music

General Knowledge – understanding all music notation markings such as rhythm, symbols, musical terms and items relating to the guitar itself

Aural – students identify qualities of audio examples played to them by the examiner.

Students received their results this week, here are some very happy and relieved students!!