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By Rhys Lett

iTunes Store Bargains – November 2015

These great albums are available at amazing prices currently in the Australian iTunes store. There is something here for all rock students of the Eastern Suburbs School of Music to listen and learn.

Eat Em and Smile – David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth left Van Halen in 1985. At the time they were the biggest band on the planet. Roth surrounded himself with a band of amazing musical talent like Steve Vai on guitar, Billy Sheehan on bass and Gregg Bisonette on drums. He produced a great batch of songs like “Yankee Rose”, “Shyboy” and “Ladies Nite in Buffalo”. A steal at $6.99 in the Australian iTunes store. So good I bought it again!

5150 – Van Halen

This compliments the previous iTunes bargain. The first album made by Van Halen with new singer Sammy Hagar. Contains huge hits like “Dreams” and “Why Can’t This Be Love”. Awesome guitar tunes such as “Best of Both Worlds” and the title track “5150”. Completed dated 80s sounding production due to the electronic drum kit sounds played by Alex Van Halen. Not one song is a miss on this great album from 1986.

Available in the Australian iTunes store currently for $6.99. If this is not in your library already get over to the store now!

Those Were The Days – Cream

This is the boxset of all albums released by heavy metal pioneers Cream. The band had Jack Bruce on bass, Ginger Baker on drums and Eric Clapton on guitar. Each musician is a legend of their instrument. With classics of the era like “Sunshine of Your Love”, “White Room” and “I Feel Free”. These albums inspired all hard rock music that followed it. Get the whole Cream catalogue for $22.99.

East – Cold Chisel

The iconic Australian band and their best album. Containing their best known songs in “Cheap Wine”, “Choir Girl”, “My Baby” and “Standing on the Outside”. This version is also mastered for iTunes. Available in the iTunes store for $8.99.

Ozzy Osbourne – Prince of Darkness

This boxset is like a mega greatest hits of the Ozzy solo years. Get a great sample of the three amazing guitarists of Randy Rhodes, Jake E. Lee and Zakk Wylde. Containing 52 tracks for only $13.99.

Yes – Close to the Edge

The highlight of the classic Anderson, Bruford, Squire, Howe and Wakeman line up. Pop music in its highest glory. Remastered with extras for just $9.49.

Deep Purple – Burn

The first album after the break up of Deep Purple Mark 2 (the “Smoke on the Water” line up.) This was the first release with new singer David Coverdale and bassist/vocalist Glenn Hughes the band. Get the album remastered and some extra remixes and b sides for only $9.49.

W.A.S.P. – The Headless Children

Blackie Lawless toned down the shock value lyrics and concentrated on the music to produce my favourite W.A.S.P. album. This 80s hard rock classic is only $4.49 in the Australian iTunes store currently. Get it!


Richard Clapton – The Great Escape

Richard Clapton released a pub rock classic album. Backed by members of Cold Chisel and other famous Australian musicians. Available in the iTunes Australian store for $7.99.