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By Rhys Lett

Weezer – Teal Album – Review

Weezer have released a surprise covers project album to start 2019. After their self titled debut album became known by fans as the Blue album, they have selectively named albums after colours. This self titled release has been dubbed the Teal album. A slick Miami Vice inspired cover hints towards the larger selection of 80s material. Here is a track by track rundown and learn who the original artists were.

Africa (Toto) – Teal Album – Weezer

The song that inspired the album. Weezer recorded this tune last year after a Twitter campaign and it became a viral hit. Toto returned the favour by covering their song Hash Pipe. Drummers look to learn the original groove from the Toto song. Here is the band performing the song live with Toto keyboard player joining for the solo.

Everybody Wants to Rule The World (Tears for Fears) – Teal Album – Weezer

The massive Tears For Fears hit from 1985. Really like the live drums on many of the songs of this album. Perfectly suited to Weezer. Excellent guitar parts make this one for the guitar students.

Sweet Dreams (The Eurythmics)- Teal Album – Weezer

Keyboard students this one is for you. Excellent recreation of the synth sound from the Eurythmics original. The autotune on the vocals is very noticeable. Read how to get that synth sound in this article.

Take on Me (A-Ha) – Teal Album – Weezer

Rocked out version of the 1986 hit from A-Ha. Great guitar parts added to this. Once again the live drums really make this take come alive. The awesome clip for the original can be seen below.

Happy Together (The Turtles) – Teal Album – Weezer

An older cover by Weezer that was rejected from the film soundtrack of Adaptation. First track from a different decade with this being a hit for The Turtles in 1967. A song that certainly was easy to imagine the band doing. Importantly they do a great version.

Paranoid (Black Sabbath) – Teal Album – Weezer

The Black Sabbath track keeps the energy up. This has been performed by Weezer to finish concerts. Sung by guitarist Brian Bell giving his best Ozzy impression. Nice inclusion. Guitar players must know this riff.

Mr. Blue Sky (Electric Light Orchestra) – Teal Album – Weezer

The cover I was most excited to hear. This ELO track is perfectly suited to the Weezer sound and Rivers Cumuo vocals. Therefore the track does not disappoint. Excellent vocals. Great guitar playout of the strings outro. Listen to it below.

No Scrubs (TLC) – Teal Album – Weezer

Rivers obsession with the pop hit has led fans to be critical of the sound of later Weezer albums. Subsequently their album Raditude is basically unlistenable. I prefer the band hard rocking and power pop grooving. Everything left as is from the TLC hit of 1999. Good one for female singers.

Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) – Teal Album – Weezer

Back to the 80s for this cut off the Michael Jackson smash album Thriller. Heavy guitar tones featured in the prechorus. The autotune vocals once again are grating. Super groove. So another excellent song for drummers to learn. See Michael Jackson introducing the world to the moon walk in this performance from 1985.

Stand by Me (Ben E. King) — Teal Album – Weezer

One of the most covered songs of all time. The John Lennon version from the mid 70s is one of the best version. This stays more faithful to the Ben E. King original. I could do without yet another cover of this song. Album could have ended with a stronger track.

This is one of the best things Weezer has done for many years. I had almost given up getting another great album of original material. Glad I took a chance and got this. As a result I am hooked back in. Bring on the Black album that will come out in March this year.